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Lauren Utter
17 February 1985
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my names Lauren.
4 skins, 7 seconds, 999, a.p.p.l.e, a//political, aaahh real monsters, aaahh!! real monsters, abrasive wheels, adicts, adolescents, agent orange, agnostic front, amebix, anal cunt, angelic upstarts, anti-nowhere league, anti-pasti, anticimex, antidote, antischism, assuck, aus-rotten, avskum, axiom, beerzone, blanks 77, blatz, blitz, broken bones, buzzcocks, ceptic death, chaos uk, cheap sex, choking victim, chron gen, circle jerks, clash, clit45, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, combat 84, conflict, consume, crass, cryptic slaughter, damned, dayglo abortions, dead boys, defiance, definace, destroy, discharge, disclose, doa, doom, dri, dropdead, dystopia, eater, extreme noise terror, f-minus, fear, filth, fleas and lice, flux of pink indians, funeral dress, g.b.h, g.i.s.m., gang green, gauze, gbh, generation x, germs, hellshock, hewhocorrupts, infected, jaded youth, john john jesse, kaaos, kamikaze, killing joke, krays, kreator, leftover crack, limp wrist, lower class brats, mau maus, morning glory, nausea, nihilism, ny rel-x, oi polloi, oxymoron, panty christ, peligro social, phobia, profane existance, punk art, ramones, rattus, reagan youth, resist & exist, riistetyt, rudimentry peni, self destruct, sex pistols, sham 69, sixgunradio, skeptix, slaughter and the dogs, stiff little fingers, stockyard stoics, street brats, street dogs, subhumans, tank girl, templars, the adverts, the business, the clash, the cramps, the damned, the dead boys, the exploited, the misfits, the new york dolls, the pist, the ramones, the screamers, the unseen, the varukers, the world/inferno friendship society, thulsa doom, total chaos, toxic holocaust, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, uk subs, uk82, varukers, venom, vice squad, witch hunt, wolfpack, xray spex, youth brigade, zounds