Lauren Utter (crack_monkey) wrote,
Lauren Utter

New Group show @ Zito Studio Gallery Fri. 3/17

New Group show @ Zito Studio Gallery Fri. 3/17

No Industry-Validated Prima Donnas Allowed

On Friday March 17th 7-10pm Zito Studio Gallery does it again with a group of the very best artists New York has to offer. With a squinty eye and a filthy ear pressed firmly against the third rail, Senor Zito takes yet another leap into the curatorial abyss, pulling together a trend-splintering force of brilliance that will leave the "Art World" speechless. They're either so blown away by this exhibit that they have absolutely nothing to say or they're just all too busy watching some poor grunt polish their new yellow Hummer. But we ain’t got time for that! We're here on this planet to make art - and to show art - and to show the world how to make art! This is work made by artists who use their hands - and actually do the creating themselves. That’s right. Here at Zito Studio Gallery you will find no processed cheese-food art made by underpaid nameless artisans and signed by industry-validated prima-donnas. Hell no! This is the real deal. Real art made by real artists - people with more than just ideas and money... people who live and breathe their art with passion and dignity. This is art made out of necessity - pulled from deep down within the soul and expressed as a shamanic call for the masses to open their eyes to the truth. These are artists that will never retire. These are not people who are, as Leonard Cohen put it, "reaching for the sky just to surrender".
Is anybody interested in the truth? Does anyone feel the need for some substance? Or are you still all fascinated by the shimmering light reflected off of Britney's wardrobe in the bated hopes of a cleverly scripted malfunction that would allow a hallowed glimpse of her precious silicone? In that case, we will be forced to give up on you and declare you a casualty of mainstream mediocrity.

David Stoupakis
Leandro Maciel
Teo Olivieri
Francesca Romeo
Kimberly Hauer
Sean Gallegos
Tom Matt
Joel Magee
Duke Riley
John John Jesse
Lauren Utter
Bambi the Mermaid

This work is on view thru April 13th, 2006.

Zito Studio Gallery 122 Ludlow Street NYC 10002 646.602.2338
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