Lauren Utter (crack_monkey) wrote,
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recent art..
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Super fabulous.
thanks! i always look forward to your super informative posts and reveiws!! I needed something interesting to read when checkingo ut my recent friends posts! I get tired of reading about peoples petty relationship bullshit. Thank you for having depth! I've meant to say this but i didnt want to seem like some weirdo stranger! but i do value your posts, they brighten my day and i have some hope for livejournal.
i meant to say thank you yesterday but got side tracked. i needed to hear this since i'm always forever tormenting myself over the ridiculous blog. so thanks!

Deleted comment

awww thank you so much , that means alot.. coming from you. i really look up to your art and your creations. i've boguht a makeup bag from ebay form you before! ahhh i love it...i store my pens in it. Its nce to see work from somebody who gets the DIY spirit... not just is doing diy. But breathing life into diy. ... does that make sense? I love crusty shit.. i lovvee dental floss.. i love leather bits.. I do up my sketch books like that.

and it means alot getting valueable criticism from sombody who gets it... not just looknig at the image and dismissing it as .. oh scary punk chick... but really can look at it. and get the feeling that comes with it. alot of people give me shit like... that chicks so gross. its not about beauty... well maybe it is. its about the Beauty found in the least expected... and therefore it becomes even more beautiful then was was preconceived. Beauty in not giving a shit about beauty.There is no self loathing. but rather a nostalgic gesture of the past and fondly rembering the times when you drank and pissed in public places. It pluck my heart strings. this is me.. this is my memories. these are my loves. you cant get much truer than that. Im hsit for words... so im glad to see somebody articulate and get the same feeling im trying to convey.

i hope you get what i was trying to write.. aghhh i suck at writing. im dyslexic.. haha drawing gets my thoguhts out way better.
but yeah dude. im down for a trade! im really excited.. when i have more time on a computer i will send out my address. to your email address. Im on my boyfriends computer..The dudes from dell took my computer and are replacing the motherboard.. idunno the shits fried. and im freakingo tu without it. Gimmie a picture of yourself and ill draw it and send it too you too! i'd love to have a pen pal and obsess over silly things like stamps and cool papers. I'm a total dweeb like that. I love book binding and shitts but i dont get to use that stuff so often with my type of work... blahh. give me a good release of sorts. .. So yes im definately in on this trade thing! count me in!
and bitccchhh if you ever need like flyers or ads or wahtever the fuck for your ebay bizz to promote shit. ill draw you up whatever.